This page is about my movement background, for information about classes and workshops click here.

I am a qualified to teach the Axis Syllabus; a research context for human motion supported by an international community of contributors from diverse backgrounds. (For more information about the Axis Syllabus click here.) I have taught at dance centres and for dance companies internationally since 2008.

I also perform as a professional contemporary dancer. I have a degree from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. My performance work focuses on the interactive and site specific and she has worked most notably for Felix Ruckert, Tino Seghal, Simonetta Alessandri and Company Bewegungsmelder.

I have a longterm practice of partner and international folkdance including European and African folkdances, tango, salsa, contact improvisation and lindyhop. The complex rhythmic palette and human relationship within these dances underpins the richness and relational nature of my movement vocabulary.